The Great Journey

from by Mr. Gee



a song about the quest The Great Journey in Fallout New Vegas. The cult following Jason Bright who hopped into some rockets and shot themselves of to who knows where.


The Great Journey
c2015 steven wesley guiles aka Mr. Gee for 87 songs in 87 days challenge
148 bpm Fallout New Vegas quest to help Jason Bright and his cult...

May the Creator guide my words
May the Creator guide my words

you were the Bright Ones
Yeah you were glowin’
Thought you could fight once
But you could not get where you were goin’
Drive away the demons
So you could meet your Maker
So you could meet your Maker
So you could meet your Maker

Now you’re all out on a Journey
it’s a great one, or so you’re sayin’
and the Far Beyond is just a bit further on
and maybe you’re lost or you’re
found but
you’ll dry out, you’ll space out
you’ll blow out you’ve lost it
you’ve got it you’ve found it
I think you know but

You were the cursed ones, you were still glowin’
You talked the straight ones, into bowin’
How did you do that? What did you tell them

you’re not so bright now
you’re not so bright now
did you learn anything
did you even know how
you’re not so bright now
you’re not so bright


from Songs in the Key of Fallout, released August 15, 2015



all rights reserved


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Mr. Gee San Dimas, California

Mr. Gee is a force of musical nature, at a whim writing songs ranging from zombie love to the devouring of tacos with your feet. Inspired by Jack Black, Flight of the Conchords, and Weird Al, he continues his rampage of silliness while secretly working as a public educator. ... more

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