It's awesome. It's about ponies who battle bad guys and make the bad guys go pee. That's some POWERFUL PONIES if you ask me.


Power Pony Super Squad
c steven wesley guiles as mr. gee
newcoolnow music ascap

Power! (clap clap--clap)
Pony! (clap clap--clap)
Super! (clap clap--clap)
Squad! (clap clap--clap)

Power Pony Super Squad
Power Pony Super Squad
Gooooooo Ponies!

There's Thumper and Heartstring and Princess and Joe
Fighting the evil wherever they go
Bad guys run hiding whenever they see

Power Pony Super Squad...makes them go peeeeeee!
Power Pony!!

Power Pony Super Squad
Power Pony Super Squad
Power Pony Super Squad Power Pony Pony
Power Pony Super Squad Power Pony Ponyyyyyy

for more info visit mrgee.bandcamp.com and newcoolnow.com


from Super Silly Songs For Singing And Awesomeness And Stuff, track released February 2, 2009
guitar, drums, handclaps, and little tiny voices by Mr. Gee



all rights reserved


Mr. Gee San Dimas, California

Mr. Gee is a force of musical nature, at a whim writing songs ranging from zombie love to the devouring of tacos with your feet. Inspired by Jack Black, Flight of the Conchords, and Weird Al, he continues his rampage of silliness while secretly working as a public educator. ... more

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