Deathclaw History Song

from by Mr. Gee



song #3 of 80 tunes for my epic Fallout inspired album.


I remember, when I fell in, to that sewer, it was scary
I had escaped, from a Deathclaw, thought I was safe
guess i wasnt

First you were a Jackson Chameleon
You probably had a pretty good life
Then someone came up into your grill and
and did a funky DNA splice

They probably made you to be a weapon
or maybe some rich guy’s pet
it turns out you were too much to handle
and you probably helped them learn about death

whoah ohhhh oh ohhh Death Claw!
you turn me into red sauce
Whoahh ohohhhh Deathclaws
let’s pause for you...whoo!

i can remember the first time
i ran into one of your kind
i was just walking into town when
i saw you at the back of my eye

i don’t remember much after that cuz
i died after one good bite
that really sucked cuz i hadn’t done a save yet
man you really ruined my vibes



from Songs in the Key of Fallout, released August 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Mr. Gee San Dimas, California

Mr. Gee is a force of musical nature, at a whim writing songs ranging from zombie love to the devouring of tacos with your feet. Inspired by Jack Black, Flight of the Conchords, and Weird Al, he continues his rampage of silliness while secretly working as a public educator. ... more

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