Cat Monkey Shark Wizard

by Mr. Gee



released October 13, 2017


all rights reserved



Mr. Gee San Dimas, California

Mr. Gee is a force of musical nature, at a whim writing songs ranging from zombie love to the devouring of tacos with your feet. Inspired by Jack Black, Flight of the Conchords, and Weird Al, he continues his rampage of silliness while secretly working as a public educator. ... more

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Track Name: Cat Monkey Shark Wizard
Do you have a problem
that you can’t solve?

Cat Monkey Shark Wizard

Do you have bone
stickin’ out of your arm?

Cat Monkey Shark Wizard

Do you have too many rats
in your hair?

Cat Monkey Shark Wizard

Do you think too much
about the clown downstairs?

Cat Monkey Shark Wizard

He’ll be there for you
In your time of need
He’s not scared of dudes
Who have chainsaw sleeves
Track Name: Where Is My Monkey?
Where is my monkey?
He's in the tree
Where is the monkey?
He's looking at me
Where is my monkey
I can't seem to find him
Track Name: Random Heroes
Random Heroes

recorded live in Period 6

abraham lincoln a trucker and thief
random, heroes
they do their best to save the world and bring us some relief
random, heroes
there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide
random hereoes
better shoot the zombies or you will die

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